Saturday, December 29, 2007

Islands Clusters Campaign

I have set this up for us to use as the central site for information and news for the campaign.

Players of the campaign are free to add posts. To keep track of author's post just add a label to your post. I suggest that Labels be based on your home world.

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WSBoyd said...

Welcome to the Classic Traveller Adventure 5, Trillion Credit Squadron
- The Island Clusters Campaign.

The following Star Systems are spoken for:
1/ Serendip Belt (New Is. 0503)
A000959-C N Asteroid Belt
Planetoids avail., Gas Giant refueling allowed.

2/ New Colchis (New Is. 0507)
A8959AA-C N Industrialized.

3/ Santerre (Old Is. 0702)
A87A943-C N Water World
Planetoids avail., Gas Giant refueling allowed.

New Home (Old Is. 0305)
Eseranza (New Is. 0106)
are both currently Reserved.